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Pittsburgh Amber Alert Child Abductor in a White Van is it this one?

October 25, 2010

white van, paul caya 78 tries to abduct children in Nashua, NH, United States

police need to ask the kids is this the van that tried to abduct you in pittsburgh?  it belongs to a man who tried to abduct several children 10 hours away in Nashua, USA.

His name is Paul Caya and maybe he’s working with a team of people to abduct children.

I would take  a look at his friends and family , do they fit any of the descriptions of 25 to 55 , BROWN HAIR WITH A  large build.

It sounds like there’s three people working on the kids in those areas.

it’s easy for someone to put a magnet on a truck or van and decals to change the WAY it looks.

Now for the Lindsey Baum case, did this man ever own an old chevy pick up truck, white around 70’s?  If so it may be the truck in the video footage I was looking at for her case.

Here’s the blog details for each case.

White Van – Charged with attempted abduction Paul Caya by WMUR 9 New Hampshire News

Pittsburgh police investigation 7 attempts to abduct children by a WHITE van.

here’s the same white van, white bearded older guy says he’s delivering news papers feb 19 2010

likely story, he can sit and watch kids while delivering papers. interesting clue.


Lindsey Baum white pick up truck seen here june 2009 in Mc Cleary Washington

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