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ATB Financial – First Canadian Title – Lyle Marie Mc Cann – Missing Elderly Victims – Bank Robberies – Blue Grandam

October 31, 2010

First_Canadian_Title_merged with ATB Financial from Alberta - Lyle and Marie Mc Cann Case Clue - Linda Randall



ATB Financial – First Canadian Title – Lyle Marie Mc Cann – Missing Elderly Victims – Bank Robberies – Blue Grandam

Investigating two things.

Bank Robberies in Alberta at ATB Financial and any other branches from Alberta across Canada to Quebec and Montreal where there are elderly missing or murdered victims.


Now the bank robber from Alberta was put in jail but since there were two men involved in the disappearance of the Mc Cann’s I’m wondering if there is a tie in here.


Two clues that came up was bank robberies happening in the same vicinity where they disappeared and police found a burnt out RV, along with several other fires all within a two week period.

I need the community to let police know if there’s been robberies in the cities where you have people missing.


secondly do a credit check on the elderly people found dead or missing and see if there’s new credit cards, bank accounts or government checks being issued across Canada for them.


Just a thought = ends up being true.

ATB Financial has a sister company in Quebec and my investigation notes are on my other lens for remote viewing visions.  The reasons for this search and why are on there.

Now I still don’t have a confirmation that Lyle and Marie Mc Cann did any banking with this branch but it was one block away from their home, which is WHY I picked it.

If it isn’t we can still check to see if I’m right about the robbery/missing person’s connections.

Detectives can take a look into the credit reports? Not sure if they can, so families of missing persons, contact the working detective or police officer and ask them to check out this theory of mine.

I only write things if I think it’s possible.  I read about a case where a guy was taking dead people’s Social Insurance Numbers and using them for credit cards (under different names), bank loans and government (welfare, odsp, mother’s allowance) checks under an assumed name with FAKE I.D.


I’m also looking for a BLUE grandam to tie in with these cases, if not has anyone sold one on kijiji since July 2010?

Anywhere between Alberta and Quebec.

blue_grey_pontiac_grandam from lyle and marie mc cann vision


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