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Andrew Compton – Gregory O’Bryan – Online Gaming XBox Tournament Clues, McDonalds

November 18, 2010

McDonald's 12341 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY 40243

I just grabbed this photo of a McDonald’s to point out where I think Andrew Compton may have hung out.  I know investigators are trying to back track and figure out his hang outs.  Being that he’s a university student and they love McDonalds, and it’s close to a gaming tournament place, I chose this one.

You can look at video footage and talk to staff to see if anyone’s seen Andrew Compton hanging out there with anyone.  Also show them Gregory O’Bryan’s photos to see if he was there.

McDonald’s 12341 Shelbyville Rd  Louisville, KY 40243

Now I’ve been looking at the forums and some other men who are gay love playing Tour of Duty 2, so I’m thinking  – birds of a feather flock together.  Where would Andrew be comfortable, being a shy guy?  With something he was passionate about – internet and gaming.

So based on a gut instinct and the fact that some ghost keeps PULLING the pillow off my chair all night, I know it sounds flukey but I was actually yelling at the dam thing to leave me be so I could work on some videos.

My feet were freezing, the heats on and the temperature in my office dropped about ten degrees.  Either they play with my hair, fiddling along my neck, but this one’s having fun pulling out my pillow from my chair and annoying me, so I gave up on the videos and said okay I’ll post it!

This has been on my mind for a few days now, but I’ve been busy doing my own thing and took a breather.  I should have done some meditation but for the past two days I haven’t had any time.

Now I tried a google search last night for several things and got so tired I couldn’t continue, tonight it popped up right away.

gregory-obryan-says-he-didnt kill-andrew-compton1

Here is a gaming place in Louisville Kentucky that holds tournaments for another popular game –

now this is about 16 mins from Sullivan University and 28 minutes from Lucia Ave in Louisville Kentucky so close enough for these two to have crossed paths.

I don’t know if Andrew attended this or not, but I remember when I lived in Toronto, guys that had computers at home, still love going to this , it’s the adrenaline of being in a room with several gamers, that draws someone who is a loner to this type of gathering.

They don’t feel threatened and they can make friends easily because they all share the same passion.

andrew compton

I am assuming that Andrew used an avatar, and this you will have to find on his laptop, look in the images and look on the gaming site to see if there’s anything matching.

Once you figure out what his gaming name was – usually it’s a hero to them someone they admire – for playing, then you can trace where Andrew played and if he attended any main events.

Then you do a cross check of who also attended each of the SAME events (ergo internet stalker) with Andrew being so quiet it would take a few months of study to find out his routine before approaching him.  If he met another ONLINE gamer he was FAMILIAR with who promised to show him some tricks, or shortcuts in a game, that might attract his attention.

It’s possible that Andrew wasn’t even planning to have sex, maybe he was raped?

Since we cannot talk to Andrew we do not know the whole story.

Just a thought.

anyways here’s the gaming site I found interesting.

OrmsbyLoadingDock 10350 Ormsby Park Place.

check andrew’s clothing see if he owns one of these shirts, pins or hats, if he’s into LOGO’s look at anything that he may have collected.

Where is KILANFest held?

KILANFest will be held at 10350 Ormsby Park Place.

From I64 take Hurstbourne Lane north.  Go through the Shelbyville Rd. intersection and then you will turn right at the fourth light.  There will be a McDonalds on the right.  Take the first left into the parking lot behind Fith Third Bank.  Go to the end of that parking lot past the second building on the right and park towards the end of that building.  You will enter through the loading dock of that second building which is 10350 Ormsby Park Place.

*** log in user info***

Counter Strike and Battlefield 2 would be the next two favorites after Tour of Duty 2. They are group games ( I love playing counter strike – haven’t played it in years though) lol

** updated 259am**

investigators please run a check during these gaming times to see if your young victims disappeared around the same time in various cities.  I had the theory that a serial killer was playing “manhunt” on his own….

It’s possible, that another gamer might have done the exact same thing (copy cats) because each of the university students missing from ages 19 to 21, in various cities, all played video games.




update 307 am net heads.. caramel indiana – andrews brother will know if he went to this.

1017 west main st
carmel, in 46032
thu 3p – 11p
fri 3p – 1a
sat 11a – 1a
sun 1p – 9p

**update 415 am**

looking at boone, highlands fast food restaurant where andrew was frequently seen.

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