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Keith Anderson Clues to Missing Person from Anacortes Jan 6 2010 – Psychic Remote Viewing Dream 3 am July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Keith Anderson Clues to Missing Person from Anacortes Jan 6 2010 – Psychic Remote Viewing Dream 3 am July 4, 2011

Keith_Anderson_62_MISSING_Anacortes_WA_wed 01_06_2010

West Craggy Okanogan WA - Lower Basin of Copper Glance Creek looking for Keith Arthur Anderson Missing Person

The Craggies from the north (from Sheep Mountain) on July 5, 2005. Big Craggy is to the left; West Craggy is just right of center.

B — Billy Goat Mountain; T — Two Point Mountain; S — Sand Ridge; M — Mayo Creek; T — Timber Wolf Creek.

** i’m using someone else’s photos to show detectives what type of terrain they are going to have to search in.  You will need experienced climbers, mountain hikers**

At 3 am i woke up and heard the name Keith Anderson went to the craggy cliffs with truck.

it to the southeast corner of skagit county.  I jotted it down and found something interesting using google maps.

3 55 am est.

I looked where his truck was.

I was told that someone else drove the truck in the dream.

Keith’s case was given to me earlier this week by someone commenting on my blog asking me to look at two cases.

Pat Johns posted a message  in my comments section to look at Brock Holmes from Sultan WA and Keith Anderson rumored to be last seen in Sultan WA – missing person cases.

The fact that these two disappearances took place within a few months of each other may not be a coincidence.

I get the impression a man is involved with Keith’s case.  A stranger who started talking to him somewhere.

Someone who was asking for “hiking” directions and it escalated from there.

All I got in the dream was look by the truck and the words “craggy cliff.”

So I did a google search of the SE Corner of Skagit County –

“according to Anacortes Police Jan 22, 2010 Keith’s white pick up truck

was found 11 miles – gravel fire road – N – Darrington.  The truck was stuck with the keys in the ignition.”

I was first looking at lake cavanaugh because of a map I found

then i went back to the directions of the truck and pieced it together into an area of where to look.

I had no idea where skagit county was located.  Its in washington.

I googled “craggy cliff darrington”

and this came up – “Cliffs near Darrington Washington”

I found it!

“West Craggy , Okanogan Washington”

next i googled West Craggy, Okanogan, WA, jan 22 2010

and got this:

“quotes from websites”

The Craggies : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

21 Nov 2004 – Silver Star Mountain (Okanogan) · Mesahchie Peak  Page Score: 88.93% –22 Votes. Loading… Vote: Log in to vote  Actually, to be exact, only West Craggy is part of the  both Big Craggy and West Craggy are among Washington’s Top 100 in terms ….2006-2010 All Rights Reserved.
instructions on what paths to take.  Now I only go by impressions when reading things and one of the paths stands out to me.
” drive north from Winthrop (Winthrop is on Hwy 20 in the Methow Valley) on east or west Chewuch River Road.
Eightmile Creek Road junctions off to the left here. Drive Eightmile Creek Road for 12.5 miles to the trailhead.
Hike up the trail, which at first is an old mining road
 The trail crosses Copper Glance Creek at 6,080 ft and continues another half-mile or so to Copper Glance Lake.”
****look in this area – Copper Glance Lake with cavadere dogs****
Places to look for clues of Keith’s being there:
quotes from site of where you stay to camp
” if camping in the woods is your game, then at 6,700 ft in the Copper Glance Creek basin between the peaks is a quaint location.”
 “a possible camp would be at No Dice Lake”
 “another small lake a quarter-mile NNW of No Dice Lake that could offer flat ground.”

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