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Amber Alert Kienan Hebert Abduction Sept 6, 7 2011 from Sparwood BC Canada – Brown Toyota Camry 098RAL Randall Hopley Suspect

September 9, 2011

Randall Hopley new photo

UPDATE sept 11, 2011 at 912 am est.

KIENAN HEBERT has been returned safe and sound to parents early this morning on sept 12, 2011, CBC news reported it at 530 am = Randall Hopley is in custody see other posts for links to details (click on sept 12th calendar) you won’t believe about his past history.

I hope THIS time authorities make sure he isn’t allowed to go near any children for a long time. he’s done this several times…

update sept 11 , 2011 at 212 am est

previous 10 year old abducted from elk valley place which is south of kamloops BC. check camera’s along hwy 1, 97 and 5 south from kamloops to Elk Valley Place.

Elk Valley Place
Vancouver, BC V5S 3Y7

driving time is 12 hours 3 minutes according to google street view.

i am assuming his fathers name was hugh hopley based on the facts i found about his dad’s death at the age of two and where the accident happened.
did he ever visit his father’s grave site? Does his grandma still live?

in 1967 hugh hopley was killed in a coal mine explosion (according to his mother Randall’s father died when he was two, he’s 46 years of age so I calculated the year) at the Balmer North Mine Explosion in Michel – Natal, British Columbia, Canada.

hugh hopley middle row second from left photo


About 10 kilometres past the Corbin Road turn off, westbound travelers on Hwy. 3 will first pass a bridge over Michel Creek. About a kilometer past the bridge travelers will see the pink Michel Hotel on the south side of the highway. The hotel is all that remains of the former coal mining town. About a kilometer further west, is the site of Natal. Nothing remains.

CASE Updates from notes posted sept 10 2011

status of case, no longer thought to have wandered away, police are now saying he was abducted.

media reports that boy was sighted with man but there is no confirmation yet.

“The sighting in Kamloops, BC CANADA was near the Safeway on Fortune Drive.”

Canada Safeway Limited
750 Fortune Drive, Kamloops, BC V2B 2L2
(250) 376-4129   +1 800-723-3929 ‎

CALL 911 or contact crime stoppers if you saw this man or boy or a brown toyota camry in the area on Sept 9 2011? around 8 pm .

possible sighting in Kamloops BC, pass it on to all you know on facebook, twitter please thanks.

abducted Kienan Hebert's parents plea for his safe return sept 10 2011

sparwood british columbia map photo canada 49 43 56 N 114 53 13 w - kienan hebert missing sept 6, 7 2011, randall peter hopley brown toyota camry 098 RAL,_British_Columbia
brown 1987 Toyota Camry with the B.C. licence plate 098RAL

Boy was last seen Tuesday evening was abducted from his bedroom

car photos looks like this one - Amber Alert Kienan Hebert Abduction Sept 6, 7 2011 from Sparwood BC Canada - Brown Toyota Camry 098RAL Randall Hopley Suspect

Randall Peter Hopley 46 sex offender prime suspect in disappearance of 3 year old Kienan hebert wed sept 7 2011 from sparwood bc canada near vancouver, alberta border

Amber Alert photo of 3 year old Kienan Hebert Abduction Sept 6, 7 2011 from Sparwood BC Canada - Brown Toyota Camry 098RAL Randall Hopley Suspect

a freckle-faced, red-headed boy wearing blue scooby doo boxer shorts

this may be the style of the pattern to give you an idea.. he was wearing the boxer shorts styles a size 3 or 4, since he is 3 years old.

scooby doo blue thermal pajamas for toddlers and boys amber albert kienan hemley wearing boxer shorts 3 years old red hair sept 6 and 7 2011 abducted from sparwood bc early morning with 3 blankets

Amber Alert Kienan Hebert Abduction Sept 7 2011 Sparwood BC Canada – Brown Toyota Camry 098RAL Randall peter Hopley Suspect

Around 8 pm Thursday night, Kamloops RCMP got a call from someone who thought they saw the brown 1987 Toyota Camry involved in the alert being driven on a busy road on the north shore of the city.

the idea girl says
trying to find photos of everything so you know what to look for.

also spotted on the north shore? can anyone give exact city, place area where this might be i’m from ontario canada.

I posted some photos of a car that looks like the one he would be in.

also pjs that MIGHT be the style he was wearing, or darker blue is possible, no exact details given as to color of blankets or style (that would be great and what store they were purchased at so we can find a photo of what they might look like)

there’s several different patterns I found on the net.. not sure if he’s wearing them but it will give you an idea of who scooby doo is, not everyone will know 🙂

scooby doo boxer shorts styles

update from net details

Hwy 43 – Elk Valley Highway North Sparwood BC Canada towards Elk Prarie or sparwood – sparwood heights where Randall (suspect lives)

did anyone check at the grocery store?

Kieran what kind of juice does he like?



these aisles should be looked at from store videos for a photo of the suspect buying these types at the grocery store before sept 6 2011 or after.

Sparwood Heights Foods
105-1290 Ponderosa Dr RR 2, Sparwood, BC V0B 2G2
(250) 425-2535 ‎

Hopley is 5 feet 10 inches in height, weighing 147 pounds and has dark coloured hair.


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