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How Ancient Indians Mayas Aliens UFOS multiplied Numbers in WOW Signal

January 14, 2012

Japanese multiplication methods used by maya ufo aliens in binary code wow signal 1977

How Ancient Indians Mayas Aliens UFOS multiplied Numbers in WOW Signal

Part 44 of this UFO Alien SETI WOW signal series of videos (almost 100 of them coming up)

Japanese multiplication methods ancient world fractions used to decipher the wow signal from aug 15 1977


Draw lines representing the numbers to intersect each other as shown in the figure. Count the number of points of intersection in each bracketed section starting from the right. Also count the points of intersection which are diagonal and not included in the bracketed sections. As each added section can contain only one digit, carry over the excess digit to the next place on the left and add as shown. Write the digits together from the right to get the product.
Now let us see how ancient Indians multiplied these numbers.

multiply the vertical pair of digits on the right side and write their product underneath japanese multiplication methods ancient maya found wow signal 1977

Jan 12, 2012 944 pm est

My Thoughts

I wanted to see if the numbers would mean anything in the Egyptian’s ancient language. There are no symbols in the WOW signal but there might be some in the Crop Circles. I haven’t studied them but I did find out there’s around 6000 documented events in relation to crop circles appearing all over the world.

There is binary code of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in along with a few letters which ended up being classified as the WOW signal 6EQUJ5.

Jan 14 2012 11 30 am est

My Thoughts on this

I just wanted to show you how they used to do mathematics so when you get an ALIEN binary code signal you might want to try these formulas to decode them.

I’m not sure how we currently do it. I know with the WOW signal it was because of the 6EQUJ5 showed up at 1420.40575177 MHz.  hydrogen line


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