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Karen Swift Google Search 4 Maps Finding Millsfield Hwy Missing Persons Dyersburg Tennessee USA

February 26, 2012

Karen Swift Google Search 4 Maps Finding Millsfield Hwy Missing Persons Dyersburg Tennessee USA

this is video #4 series identifying harrys ghost story person
ghost visits nov 11 2011 friday 10 pm to 11 pm est ontario canada

Karen Swift Ghost Story to Harry filmed on Nov 12, 2011 225 am est ghost hunter, writing, holly bobo, assault, abduction, dyersburg, tennessee, usa, missing person case, fbi, profiling, suspects, cops, stories, police, the idea girl, linda randall, psychic investigations, comparing with jessica neilson , holly bobo, lisa stebic, stacey peterson, white car, abandoned, friends, relatives, family, bush, millsfield hwy, willie johnson road, john e hogshooter, animals, dogs, sheriff jeff boxx, 5ft 5, blonde hair, green eyes, 44 yrs old, 138 lbs, jeans, gray zip up , marty lamb, darden, gatlinburg, nashville, suspect description from ghost story, true,

we live in ontario, canada and have never been to tennessee usa.. some of the details in this case dont’ add up.. but he identified her as the person..

BC is this where she’s visited or knows someone out there (check online dating sites)

sorry but if she filed for divorce oct 2011 it’s possible she was online chatting with someone who i believe lured her out of the home(possible scenario) and does the same with other women.. he seems to flatten the tires.. then somehow gets them to come out of the home or drags them out and follows their car until it breaks down then maybe offers to give them a ride back home or something.. just coming up with possible scenarios..

i honestly thought i was interviewing harry about Amber Kirwan , he said no to her pic (all her case similiarities to whats in video) instead he identified someone i wasn’t expecting and never heard of.. had to google details to find out who she was..

my battery in new camera died.. i’m charging it now. i’ve done all the searching and have posted the data on both blogs links above.. each gives different details for this case and several others who are all missing as well.

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Karen Swift Google Search 4 Maps Finding Millsfield Hwy Dyersburg Tennessee

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