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Asteroid 2012 DA 14 Might Hit Earth Feb 15 2013 Earth Distance 0.0024 Au Sun 0.987 AU Spanish Observatory

March 3, 2012


2011_ag5_asteroid on collission course with earth 2040

Asteroid 2012 DA 14 Might Hit Earth Feb 15 2013 Earth Distance 0.0024 Au Sun 0.987 AU Spanish Observatory

coming by earth 27,000 km.. closer than any satellites that go by earth

it’s gravitational pull will affect our magnetic fields on earth causing severe storms

coupled by and M or X class solar flares the geomagnetic storm activity will be considerable.

A few days ago- on February 23, 2013 was opened a new asteroid 2012 DA14, which, according to specialists of NASA- on February 15, 2013 will fly at a very short distance from the Earth – only 27,000 kilometers (see the photo of NASA website at the top of this article). According to scientists, asteroid 2012 DA14 has a length of 100 meters and in the case of hitting the Earth, can be released the energy, which equivalent to the explosion of the hydrogen bomb. On February 15, 2013 will be the first recorded case in which an asteroid can fly at a small distance from the Earth, we note, that the asteroid 2005 YU55, which caused the attention of scientists in November 2011, flew at a distance of 325 000 kilometers from Earth, more than 10 times higher, than the distance of the asteroid 2012 DA14, so some scientists do not rule out a collision the Earth with asteroid, because 27,000 kilometers – the distance, that may be in the range of errors of astronomical calculations, and this short distance is actually evidence of real probability of a collision, so other planets of the Solar system can change the trajectory of this asteroid.

the idea girl says

when the YU55 passed by earth I watched 16 volcanoes activate on the RSOE EDIS map

this one’s coming a lot closer yet the media is only looking at an asteroid which is on earth’s collision in 2040?

I wonder why…

the odds for 2011 AG5 striking earth are 1 in 625.. WOW!


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