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The Hollow House – Haunted by Child Ghost Short Film Story

May 13, 2012

The Hollow House – Haunted by Child Ghost Short Film Story

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the idea girl says

a student’s screenplay script filmed and posted on youtube cool job!


My Moving Image Arts final major film for A-Level.

Spoiler: It is loosely based on the Amityville Horror, where the family are shot but the murder weapon and the bodies of the two older children are never found. Five years on a new family move in to the house, which is now haunted by the ghost of the youngest child. She is trying to warn the child of the new family that they aren’t safe. Later the mother of the new family is unpacking and finds strange photographs of a family with two people cut out of the shot. She investigates the names and dates on the back and finds out the whole story. She later finds a gun in her husbands suitcase- the lost murder weapon. He then kills his wife to protect his name, but his son walks in and he goes after him too. However, the ‘friendly neighbour’ saves the day. At the end there is a flashback to the murder of the little girl and we see it is actually the ‘friendly neighbour’ who murdered her and who is in fact also one of the children of the first family. So basically the older two children murdered the family together, for some mysterious, psychotic reason.


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