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Victoria Tori Stafford – 1st Degree Murdered by Michael Rafferty Verdict Guilty 25 Years No Parole Serving Terri Mc Clintic Same

May 17, 2012

victoria tori stafford was murdered by terri lynn mcclintic and michael rafferty

Victoria Tori Stafford 8 years old murderers get life in prison michael rafferty terri lynn mcclintic may 2012

Victoria Tori Stafford – 1st Degree Murdered by Michael Rafferty Verdict Guilty 25 Years No Parole Serving Terri Mc Clintic Same

rodney stafford father of murdered victoria stafford michael rafferty sentenced to life in jail no parole 25 years may 16 2012

Victoria Stafford’s accused murderer Michael Rafferty waits to hear a verdict Jurors not told whole story

the idea girl says

Victoria Tori Stafford is dancing around in heaven as she rejoices along with everyone following her murder case. Michael Rafferty received the verdict of GUILTY on ALL CHARGES with 25 years life in jail no parole (hopefully ever).

I think the reason the “judge” gave him a fair trial by not disclosing all of Michael’s activities was so that he won’t have anything to come back with and say he’s innocent like he keeps claiming.

IF he tries to come back for a trial you can bet that everything will be disclosed and he will probably be sentenced to absolutely NO PAROLE after 25 years because by his actions they will deem him a threat to children.

His internet activities have been documented by the news and now the jury is probably fully aware of it and will probably be shocked that it wasn’t admitted in the courts.

Michael is going to be cell mates with Paul Bernardo (his hero according to the police officer that interrogated him) and Colonel Williams, all three cases I worked on over the years (following them and blogging anything that might help I can’t take any credit for anything though, no one’s ever told me if it helped them. ) and am happy to report justice has been served on all three counts…

As for Karla Homolka, she may have been given her freedom but it will haunt her for the rest of her life and her children too…

as for michael i cant believe he told tara mcdonald that he’s innocent and if she will sit down with him he will tell her everything.

she denied him that opportunity.

I hope no one ever offers any of these two a book or movie deal that would be glorifying the crime of sexually assaulting kidnapping a young child of 8 and then murdering her. I hope we have more class than that…


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