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TS Beryl Part 4 May 27th., 904 pm edt 2012 30 mph wind speeds now 70 mph winds – Florida Atlantic Coast AM – Bridges Hwy’s Closed

May 27, 2012

TS Beryl Part 4 May 27th., 2012 30 mph wind speeds – Florida Atlantic Coast AM

Pre-Beryl arrival at St. Augustine Beach Pier. Tried to get audio but it didn’t come out good. You can see the beach re nourishment in progress.

TS Beryl by Bob’s son. May 27th., 2012

bridges closed by storm

70 mph is 112.65408 km per hour

rips off roofs downs power lines power outages

flooding is expected along atlantic coast areas, stay away from beaches

there’s 20 ft waves going to come in..

15 foot waves develop east coast florida tropical storm Beryl 27 may 2012 0600 GMT Mass Flooding heavy Rains Hail Predicted the idea girl says


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