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Planetary Lunar Solar Geometry April 15 – June 19

June 10, 2012

Planetary Lunar Solar Geometry April 15 – June 19

the idea girl says

i’ve been doing this the hard way.. he’s got all the data at his finger tips. 😉

Published on Apr 15, 2012 by Suspicious0bservers PLZ Sub His Chan!!

Special Thanks to dcsymbols aka Bigbytes

April 15: Saturn opposes Sun
April 18: Moon conjoins Mercury, Uranus
April 21: New Moon
April 22: Moon conjoins Jupiter
April 24: Moon conjoins Venus

May 1: Moon conjoins Mars
May 4: Moon conjoins Saturn
May 6: 3:34 Moon @ Yearly Close Approach to Earth; 3:36 Full Moon;
Saturn opposes Mercury
May 13: Jupiter conjoins Sun

May 20: Moon conjoins Mercury, Jupiter, Sun in 24 hrs.;
New Moon w/ Solar Eclipse
May 22: Mercury conjoins Jupiter
May 23: Moon conjoins Venus
May 27: Mercury conjoins Sun

June 1: Venus conjoins Mercury;
Moon conjoins Saturn
June 3: Moon @ Monthly Close Approach
June 4: Full Moon w/ Lunar Eclipse
June 5: Venus Transit

June 17: Moon conjoins Jupiter, Venus
June 19: New Moon

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