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sun goes 15 SXI noaa swpc pthna 0.4 s 2012 06 16 21 00 00 UtC

June 16, 2012

sun goes 15 SXI noaa swpc pthna 0.4 s 2012 06 16 21 00 00 UtC

the idea girl says

see the big white hole has moved down to the right bottom?

before it was in the middle at the top during the Venus transits the sun (a small hole)
then it got bigger and was in the center of the sun..

two large CME shockwaves erupted from it on 14 june 2012

they supposedly missed earth and didn’t cause any geomagnetic storm activity


they seem to be affecting the solar wind speeds.

from 300 to 524 km per second within the past 24 hours..

i’m doing readings on different things to see whats affected.

the moon venus and jupiter occulation is on 17th june 2012.

i’m assuming the sun will be affected by the gravitational waves pulling on it, increasing sun spot numbers and dots on solar flare activity going from m class to x class flares … and more CME coronal mass ejections to happen within the next 48 hrs.

(prediction 16 june 2012 516 pm edt)

sun spots 16 jun 12 1504 x class solar flares delta-class magnetic field – 1506 1505 1504 1507 1508 5 spots sun spot number 113 on june 15th

notice that all the sun spots are in the same “hole” areas on the GOES xray pic of the sun…

Sunspot 1504 has developed a delta-class magnetic field that poses a threat for Earth-directed X-flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Sunspot number: 113
What is the sunspot number?
Updated 15 Jun 2012

data from


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