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tropical storm debby 26 june 2012 136 am edt when North then south than east towards florida

June 26, 2012

tropical storm debby 26 june 2012 136 am edt when North then south than east towards florida

hurricane bud s pacific ocean may 21 – may 26 2012 like Tropical Storm Debby 26 june 2012

Tropical Storm Aletta S Pacific Ocean May 14- 19 2012 like Tropical Storm Debby 26 June 2012 141 am edt

the idea girl says

I predicted it would go into two storms and go in two different directions

and here’s the little notch that looks the same as tropical storm aletta and hurricane bud’s severe storm cells.

ts debby flipped path of h bud 26 june 2012 storm cells

according to this quote tropical storm is doing the same thing as hurricane bud

quote from wiki – hurricane bud may 21 – may 26 2012

As Bud slightly accelerated to the west, the storm continued to organize, eventually intensifying into Tropical Storm Bud on May 22, with 40 mph sustained winds. Bud remained at this intensity for one day before strengthening, starting early on May 23, and reached winds of 65 mph (100 km/h) during the afternoon. By the morning of May 24, Bud continued its rapid intensification, reaching sustained winds of 85 mph, and then 110 mph by the afternoon, as the system turned northward. Later on the same day, Bud turned to the northeast, and began to approach the coast of Western Mexico. Late on May 24, Bud intensified further into a Category 3 Major Hurricane, and obtained a peak intensity of 115 mph winds, with a minimum central low pressure of 960 mbars.[9]

ts debby flipped path of ts aletta triangle 26 june 2012 130 am edt

it’s also doing what tropical storm aletta did

Tropical Storm Aletta
Duration May 14 – May 19


On May 18, Aletta lost all of its western and southern convection, due to wind shear as the storm turned northeastward, and continued to weaken. Aletta became post-tropical the next day, as it turned to the east.[7] Late on May 19, Aletta’s remnant dissipated into a convectionless vortex, as it turned northeast.[8] Later, Aletta’s convectionless remnant slowly accelerated westward, before dissipating completely on May 21.


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