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Tropical Storm Doksuri / Dindo becomes deadly, Now it looks towards China – 6 people die 28 june 2012

June 29, 2012

Tropical Storm Doksuri / Dindo becomes deadly, Now it looks towards China – 6 people die 28 june 2012

Six reports of deaths at this time across the Philippines due to flooding rains and high winds across the region.

Two drownings occurred in the Pampanga river on the 28th both due to people trying to swim in the river. One a 14yr old boy whom attempted to swim across the other a 20yr who was reportedly drinking at the time.

Meanwhile a 8yr boy was killed at his grade school due to a fallen electric wire. Another 7yr suffered serious injuries in the same incident.

A car accident left a mother and her two children dead as there car got tangled up in flooded roadways.

A little hope though was found for some of a fishing village Bubuyan Claro where where two fishermen have been missing for a week as the storm blew past the Philippines. They apparently survived on algae and rain water in the open ocean after there engine had stalled. The coast guard was able to rescue them on the 28th.

The storm is now pushing east with its heavy rainfall and winds in toll. It has strengthened slightly in the past 24hrs yet still is not expected to become a Typhoon as it approaches South East China. Yet as seen in the Philippines it could still come deadly. Many along the South East coast of china should watch this storm closely as it pushes on shore.

Also today we look at our newest TCFA / Invest 96W in south of Guam. This could produce some heavy showers in to the Philippines by next week.

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