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Earthquakes Today July 8th 2012- SUNDAY EDITION!

July 9, 2012

Earthquakes Today July 8th 2012- SUNDAY EDITION!

his is the daily earthquake review video for July 8th 2012.

And there was 10 earthquakes to report on today that are news worthy.
I always wondered if anyone actually reads all this stuff in the description here anyways, let me know if you read this, I am CURIOUS 🙂

okay-dokay so here are all the links to today’s seismic tremors and quakes

1. 5.1 Cachon, Dominican Republic
2. 5.0 Mauritius – Reunion region
3. 4.7 Visokoi Island
4. 4.7 L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
5. 4.7 Raoul Island, New Zealand
6. 4.8 Claveria, Philippines
7. 5.8 Kuril’sk, Russia
8. 4.9 Kuril’sk, Russia
9. 4.8 Kuril’sk, Russia
10. 5.2 Visokoi Island


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