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Warning Tropical Storm Hurricane Rafael has 12 FT Tidal wAVES Inland flooding East Atlantic Coastal Areas New York to Florida CElls Splitting

October 13, 2012

Warning Tropical Storm Hurricane Rafael has 12 FT Tidal wAVES Inland flooding East Atlantic Coastal Areas New York to Florida CElls Splitting


Dear Rafael, your splitting all your cells and feeding them along the east coast atlantic ocean,  See the streams from key west florida all the way up to new york?


it’s over the waters – building steam – there’s 150 mph tropical winds NOW..

Two more coronal solar holes feed earth on the Oct 13th and 14th, along with a major CME coming to earth which will build these storms all along the coast.


You will not be warned as a hurricane, it’s a storm.. with high winds.. but all the hurricane cells are in this monster of a storm.. with earth’s axis shifting (according the tracking of the geomagnetic storm cells patterns) we can see that everything’s shifting in different directions.


the storms look to be going to the right and staying east but guess what  -those high pressure’s will dissipate when the coronal hole winds hit with the CME’s that generate the geomagnetic storm cells and all will become low pressures and tropical waves in the gulf of mexico, east coast atlantic AND caribbean.


there’s a storm spewing cells from the pacific ocean and it’s not NAMED yet…. I’ll bet they haven’t even noticed it because it’s off the Satellite radar by the looks of it.. I noticed it earlier today and wondered why they didn’t SHIFt the camera to a WIDER angle to look at it.. it’s in a Strange spot.. never seen the storms form that low or that close to the land’s coast for Central mexico – venezuela… it’s like the hurricane cells are developing over LAND, floating over the waters and connecting with the circle patterns in the ocean currents..

very interesting to study.. whose the boss?

the water molecules?

the x m class cme particles brought down from the tropical wind currents from the north or south poles?

or alien dark matter particles that came to earth via transmission from large asteroids (flying VERY close to earth this week, six of them.. unheard of!) and comet’s blasting past the sun, erupting a large m6 or x 1.4 class solar flare CME and they fly right through it.. grab particles and deposit their alien dark matter particles, creating high solar winds over 600 km per second from the sun to earth or space.. and dark matter particles bounce off one another and create a chain reaction, that AFFECTS earth.


whether i see a CME go into space (massive ones, circle back and hit earth… did you notice that based on the data I’ve been blogging? ) and the one’s that come to earth hit the grids, affect our electric currents and have you noticed the radiation is creating a damper colder temperature over us?  I have my bones ache from it.. 😉


predictions for 246 am edt 13 oct 2012..


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