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Linda Harry Remote Viewing Part 2 Arthur Morgan III Tierra Morgan Glover Murder Case Nov 27, 2011

January 25, 2013

Linda Harry Remote Viewing Part 2 Arthur Morgan III Tierra Morgan Glover Murder Case Nov 27, 2011

Part 2 of 3

Harry had a vision earlier today and told me about it so I grabbed my camera and filmed what he says. asked a few questions and got some form of a story out of him. He’s just learning how to do a remote viewing..

I filmed a few videos and ran out of battery juice.. had to recharge it for about 4 hours.

i’ve been google searching from 930 pm till 1046 pm est and found the things mentioned in harry’s dream. have NO idea if it means anything but with the help of articles written and harry’s clues i’ve been able to pinpoint an area for detectives to investigate…

Arthur Morgan III and murdered victim 2 yrs old Tierra Morgan Glover from Lancaster NJ USA.

found Nov 21, 2011 near the shark river park in a creek strapped in a car seat and drowned in the water.

Harry had a vision of a little girl all week and it kept bothering him. today he finally found the story he was looking for on america’s most wanted website.. so i’ve documented what his dream and vision was and the searching with his clues and the internet news reports i’ve come up with an idea of where he may have walked to get to where the ashbury ave train station between 7 to 8 pm.. noting the two train’s he may have taken to get to the area in question.

harry says hes with friends in lancaster NJ but i found evidence online that he used to live in eatontown and that’s where I started my search and found some interesting things along the way.

i do no claim to know where he is but were trying to help find him.
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