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dzhokhar-tsarnaev Boston Bomber Shootout with Police in Watertown Massachusetts USA Apr 19 2013 Captured and In Custody

April 19, 2013

Marathon bombing suspect Tsarnaev (FBI)

Marathon bombing suspect Tsarnaev (FBI)


67 Franklin Ave. in Watertown  Mass.   Google Maps Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnayev, 19,

the idea girl says

prediction comes true.. i saw him in a boat.. they found him in a boat hiding in a garage. apr 19 2013 910 pm edt

67 Franklin Ave. in Watertown  Mass.   Google Maps Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnayev, 19,

Several outlets reported that a woman who left her house after authorities lifted an order to stay inside saw blood near her shed, the door of which was open, and notified authorities.
A NewsCenter 5 viewer sent in uncut video of a shootout between police and at least one suspect in the streets of Watertown, Massachusetts.


A series of explosions occurred in the back yard of a home at 67 Franklin Ave. in Watertown, Mass. at about 7:50 p.m., media reported. The blasts occurred after police sent a bomb-seeking robot into the yard, where it is believed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnayev, 19, is holed up in a tarp-covered boat.

the idea girl says

wrong area, right thing.. saw him in a boat.

he did head towards canada peace bridge isn’t too far from watertown mass. oops.. another blog said watertown ny.. that’s not to far.. now their saying he was in watertown mass?  confused!

update suspects caught apr 19 2013


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