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Psychic Description of Man Responsible for Killing Tim Bosma Based on Ghost’s Story May 14 2013 Prediction 12 41 pm edt

May 14, 2013

Tim Bosma found dead May 14 2013 11 11 04 GMT - Forensics at Dellen Millard's Farm Home Roseville Road WAterloo Ontario


Tim Bosma found dead May 14 2013 11 11 04 GMT – Forensics at Dellen Millard’s Farm Home Roseville Road WAterloo Ontario


when a ghost that looks like someone who is missing visits us and tells us a story, i blog it here, in hopes of helping to solve the case.

I blog all the clues pertaining to the police investigation and I post hotels, vehicles and pictures of suspects named or not named in a case.

If it’s my own gut feeling I let you know.

As for what you are about to read, it’s the details of what this ghost told us happened to him. He also gave us a description of who is responsible as well.

no names are given, if you recognize WHO the ghost is talking about, PLEASE call police and give them names, details about the person so they can investigate and find the guilty party.

the photos of where the tents are set up – there’s two places shown on the millard farm on roseville rd in waterloo and another location , not sure if it’s the same because it has two outdoor urinals (Harry kept saying he’s at a park by trees) I kept saying hes in a field.  both predictions and tales came true.

the one about tim being burnt (a ghost visited us last night and told us the news) I couldn’t blog it, it was too horrid, and now that you all know i’m able to say, the ghost confirmed this. I’ve directed this ghost on how to find peace and told him how he can make his presence known to his loved ones if he decides to visit them as a ghost.

some people do not believe in ghosts. I didn’t until 2009 when victoria stafford’s ghost visited us and told us her tales, most of all of that came true too.

I was once told by a psychic that ghosts would come and tell me their stories because at the time i was following missing person cases (as a hobby) and because i’m good at data mining (finding things on the internet and linking them to missing persons and helping to find them) I blog my findings and if a prediction comes true, i note it so that i know if i’m learning to do it better. and so far in 2013 I’ve managed to do this a bit better than the past 3 years of looking for missing persons.

thanks to Harry’s help (he can see , hear and talk to ghosts) I can feel them, sense their presence and talk to them and they can talk to me but it’s not like you and i in a clear cut voice, although this one was the clearest of all in communications. Tim is angry but at peace, his soul lives on and he has visited (a ghost that looks like him) several times this week, last night was the worst he was so angry tossing things around, I woke up yelling out what the ghost was saying and I was freaked out by it. I worked on this case day and night with 1 to 2 hours sleep each night.

last night i had a break, i found a racing blog that was up a few years ago and it listed all of dellen millard’s home addresses. I put street names only and tweeted it to the @locatetimbosma #findtimbosma #hamont and #hampolice

Today I find out when I look for an update that they found him. I was all excited hoping, the ghost wasn’t really telling the truth, but he was..

I’m crying and upset, I wanted to find him alive and return him home. Things happen, and I’ll never understand why this did go the way it did.

I can promise you, the killers, as you read this. I will find help to you  anyway that I can and so will the police and then you will be in jail for murder for the rest of your life….

All of us wish in some way there was a death penalty, That would be better for you and if you decide to end it all, make sure you leave a note, a confession with evidence of what you have done!

tim bosma with daughter



tim bosma with daughter and remember mr killer, you not only took away a father but a husband, an uncle, a brother and a friend…

for this you will pay in karma!


the address predictions were posted last night in the early hours of the morning i was up till 5 am working on the case trying to find possibles of where to look for tim bosma and one of them was right…


I’m still wondering what the wuthering word meant by his ghost….


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