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Tim Bosma Memorial Video music Rick Petherick Poem To You

May 15, 2013



May 14, 2013

After a week of worrying and hoping, this young mans fate came to an unfortunate and abrupt halt. It is with a heavy heart and most sincere condolences to the Bosma Family that I felt compelled to make this video in Tim’s Memory.
It is a sad day today, one that will not be forgotten…ever.
RIP Tim.
Below is the poem I wrote for Tim that is in the Video.

He left us

Like a whisper in the night
He was silently taken
Into the gates above
To fill our skies with happiness
He left us, with his love.

Some unknown and others friends
He meant the world to all
He fought the battle to the end
He left us, standing tall.

For Timothy Bosma was a strong willed man
His passion was sincere
He’s in the hands of God above
He left us, with no fear.

We all should take a look at him
The way that He’d convey
His Joy and Strength and Love for Life
He left us, just today.

So think of Tim before you sleep
And help him stake his claim
The legacy He left behind
He left us, with his name.

Sleep well Tim…We will never forget you.
The impact your sad and untimely death made on everyone,
will forever ring in our memory.

Your unknown Friend,
Rick Petherick ©2013

I do not own the music… “NeverAgain-Video Copilot”, sound recording administered by:
AdRev for a 3rd Party


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