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Britt Lapthorne Sept 17 2008 2 pm Suspect Follows Her to Cafe 13 -15 hrs before she Disappears from Club Fuego

June 7, 2013

Britt Lapthorne's last hours pic taken by Dominic Dabrowiecki in Dubrovnik sept 17 2008 abductor sketch



Britt Lapthorne’s last hours pic taken by Dominic Dabrowiecki in Dubrovnik sept 17 2008 abductor sketch


notice here she is wearing jean shorts. the navy blue sweater and the grey short sleeve tshirt with the pictures of the wolves on them.  She has her camera with her, everywhere she goes. At the moment Dominic Dabrowiecki is snapping a photo of her with two friends from the hostel she was staying in.

She must have gone back to the hostel to change because in her bar photos she has her black leggings on, not sure if she’s wearing a black mini skirt overtop of them or these jean shorts…

notice the silver bracelet on the right arm and the watch on the left arm under the sweater.  these change arms later in the evening….

in the background is a man that looks similar to the suspect sketch, however this isn’t conclusive nor has it been proven.. yet..


he has a long sleeve white shirt rolled up to the elbows, blue jeans and blue and grey runners? can’t really tell in this photo.

notice the blonde girl with the lilac shirt and glasses with blonde hair and a pony tail.


so two things.. he’s following the blonde because every single victim i’ve found has shoulder length blonde hair. and happens on britt.

She’s a wee bit drunk here at the cafe, as you can see the glazed look in her eye from the effects of alcohol, beer…

she’s drinking that afternoon and later that evening, lots of alcohol because everyone’s been treating her to drinks all day…

she is also wearing her black rim square glasses on her eyes , hair is a bit curly at this time, short to a bob cut.

no purse seen in the picture…or backpack.




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