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446 am 18 Sept 2008 Dark Blue Van Abducts Britt Lapthorne Club Fuego Video Footage Dubrovnik Croatia

June 14, 2013

446 am  18 Sept 2008 Dark Blue Van Abducts Britt Lapthorne Club Fuego Video Footage Dubrovnik Croatia


Dubrovnik's Fuego nightclub at Pile, where he was last seen Britt and where police officers, claiming three foreign women, tried to attack



Dark Blue Van Volkswagen Sharan abducted britt lapthorne  346 to 446 am latino club fuego sept 18 2008



Sunday Night   Britt Lapthorne  4    YouTube van driven by suspects sept 18 2008 latino club fuego 446 am dance beach rocky inlet bonovino bay



britt lapthorne latino club fuego 18 Sept 2008 - Oct 9 2008 murdered blue van dubrovnik dance beach boninovo bay backpacker hostel friend noseworthy britt lapthorne




quote from blogs

Dale Lapthorne Confirms Dark Blue Van Abducting Britt Lapthorne Video Footage Sept 18, 2008  outside of Club Fuego, Dubrovnik Croatia

Dale Lapthorne said footage captured in the early hours of the day Britt disappeared showed a van that matched one used in the other abduction attempts.


Britt’s parents viewed the footage on December 30, after repeatedly asking Dubrovnik police to see it.



Mr Lapthorne said they had also seen frames of what he believed was his daughter walking towards the van. But when Seven received the footage, those frames were missing.



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“That figure was not on it,” he said. “When we viewed it over and over again we saw those particular frames were frozen for several frames, and then the image would jump.”



He said he believed Dubrovnik police had tampered with the footage, and removed the frames.



“The police are the only ones who have the CCTV footage,” he said.



Meanwhile the owner of Club Fuego has threatened legal action.


Vinko Cosmai said the report was highly damaging to his business, which relied on Australian tourists in the summer season.



My thoughts


Vinko Cosmai, (the owner of Latino Club Fuego in 2008) was upset about this case, and said it was highly damaging to his business. Meanwhile, there is no apology, no promise to ADD security camera’s or security people on the outside of his establishment after hearing about the four cases, that in itself is worrisome…


when four women claim to be abducted outside of your bar, and one is murdered in cold blood, you should encourage an investigation to find the men doing this…


It’s not about the bar, it’s about the people hanging around the bar.

Men who claim to be police officers, who drive a dark blue van and like blonde, australian, american tourists.


They offer to buy drinks, get the girls drunk, drug them (this was mentioned in a blog post, so if there’s drugs involved, why isn’t the bar looking into that as well? It doesn’t make sense to me…)


All tourists men and women need to be warned of this kind of thing, so it will not happen again. So far, it hasn’t since 2009… Unless of course, the other 45 cases of missing women in croatia, are hidden from public knowledge. (the number 45 came from another blogger and I cannot find that post!)



The point of blogging this information is to find people out there with cell phone pictures and video’s  that were there during these attempted abductions so that police can investigate and capture them so they won’t do it again.


Since Club Fuego’s web cams mysteriously did not work on the night Britt Lapthorne disappeared inside or outside of your establishment on your street according to the police reports at the time, then the only way to capture the crooks in action is to get people to submit their photo evidences to their local crime stoppers.


Police have no clues as to where and what happened with this case.  The good thing about talking to a ghost that claims to be Britt Lapthorne is that she can tell a story. It’s up to me to try and prove her story anyway that I can, so this is why I am blogging all these details step by step.


What I need for all of you to do, is look at your pictures and the pictures of Britt Lapthorne the night she disappeared. Crime Stoppers will need any pictures from August to October 2008 from

The Latino Club Fuego, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


They made 3 attempts within 3 weeks, and a year earlier Sept 2007, they did it too.


So I’m going to be there is lots of girls out there that have never told… For various reasons…


Pictures are worth a thousand words, we need the pictures, we need to stop these men from hurting women and killing them…


As for Club Fuego, we all wish you to hire security people and make sure your camera’s are always working inside and out at all times.


For girls travelling, don’t let strangers buy you drinks unless you get their drivers license information and give that to mom or dad before you hang out with them.  In fact, tell them to bring a photocopy of it with them. At least then if they don’t mind, you know they have nothing to hide….







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