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Other abductions connected to Club Fuego Dubrovnik Croatia with Britt Lapthorne’s 2007 to 2008 Sept

June 15, 2013

Other abductions connected to Club Fuego Dubrovnik Croatia with Britt Lapthorne’s 2007 to 2008 Sept

three other abductions mentioned with no names or dates.. that would be helpful… to see what areas and what vehicles were involved.. contact crime stoppers if you know of anything about this area, or these abductions.. thanks!


It then transpired there were at least three other attempted abductions of foreign women from the same area, including one just a week prior to the 21-year-old Ms Lapthorne going missing.

In that instance, men tried to drag the young female into their blue van. Croatian detectives initially dismissed the claims but then confirmed the attempts had been reported to them while ruling out any connection.

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Contact Crime Stoppers in your LOCAL area by phone or submit an online tip.

Britt Lapthorne, missing Sept 18 2008, found dead Oct 7 2008, Dubrovnik, Croatia, from Melbourne, Australia.

Anyone in Australia with information should phone their local police station and quote Interpol reference number 383 9083, or visit the Facebook site dedicated to finding Britt, which is being monitored by her friend Tara and the Lapthorne family.

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4 jun 2013 131 am edt

** update FB page was deleted by police.. Thats a new one, we use those in canada and usa to get people to give tips on and to follow the cases, yet Britt’s not allowed to have one.. Strange isn’t it? **

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Contact Crime stoppers australia submit an online tip:

CALL 1800 333 000 from anywhere in Australia

International global crime stoppers organizations

contact your local branch to submit tips

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