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Sept 17, 18, 2008 Security Club TV Club Fuego and City Video Footage Missing night of Disappearance after Police Possession

June 22, 2013

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security TV footage inside the Club Fuego nightclub where Melbourne traveller Britt Lapthorne was last seen were wiped by an alleged electrical blackout.


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CCTV may hold Britt clue



Paola Totaro in Dubrovnik

October 13, 2008


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Fresh questions are being raised about Croatian police claims that security TV footage inside the Club Fuego nightclub where Melbourne traveller Britt Lapthorne was last seen were wiped by an alleged electrical blackout.

The Herald has been told by club sources that, while a camera positioned in the front foyer of the club had lost its signal over a period of weeks and had been the subject of argument with the company that installed the system, there were no power problems on the nights of September 16, 17 or 18 as alleged by Dubrovnik police.


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It is understood that all CCTV equipment, including a hard drive that stored images from the internal cameras, was provided to police two weeks ago and that the club had every expectation that images would be retrieved that would help in the search for Ms Lapthorne.

“Everything was handed to police immediately. I do not know of any power failure or blackout. I have never heard of that,” a club official said.

Yesterday, an Australian backpacker questioned whether a separate camera – which beamed video images of revellers on the downstairs dance floor – might still be at the club, unknown to police.

Tim Connell, from NSW, who was at the club with his brother Alex, friend Senthu Paramaguru and two Irish backpackers on the night, said yesterday that the vision was beamed continually to drinkers in the upstairs bar.


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“There was a projector beaming the scene from downstairs [the dance floor] onto a screen in the main bar. I remember because we took turns putting on shows for each other with silly dances,” he said.

“I’m not sure if the footage was recorded and kept, but maybe that could have at least shown who Britt was with inside the club.”

Alex Connell said there were 30-40 people inside the club but, like his brother, they noticed nothing untoward.

“We didn’t know Britt because we were staying at a different hostel but it wasn’t really crowded in there so someone might have noticed something going on.”

The Herald has been told there are six cameras in the club as well as the one in the external foyer.


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However, police have told family members as well as local media that a blackout – or an electrical fault – had wiped footage in the very days preceding and immediately after September 18 when she went missing. It is understood that the club was told that the equipment was sent to labs in Zagreb to see if images could be recovered.

In another strange twist of fate, the security cameras directly in front of the club were also not working although a cluster of cameras on either side of the club – both about 30 metres away – were scrutinised for images and a young woman who looked like Ms Lapthorne was seen in the crowd.


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A taxi rank across the road is always lined with waiting cabs but it is not known if taxi drivers have been questioned about the night.


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