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Reilly Anzovino Bench I feel a Ghost Sitting Beside Me Pt1 – 18 yr old Ryan Dube

July 19, 2013

Reilly Anzovino Bench I feel a Ghost Sitting Beside Me Pt1 – 18 yr old Ryan Dube



see part 2.

the idea girl says

Harry and I were out cycling along the niagara parkway and notice a lovely bench with flowers around it. We sit down to rest and I feel something really cold on my left side. So I ask Harry (he can see ghosts, I can feel and hear them) do you see anything here?

He says yes… We have no idea who “Reilly” is on the bench, we keep seeing lots of people name La Roche’s signatures assuming its their family. This was filmed March 30, 2013, I’ve searched on Google trying to figure out who REILLY is and then I find out she’s a girl. harry talks about a girl and boy. he see’s the boy ghost and relays a message from him to his loved ones. the girl, at the time i wasnt’ sure if it was a girl or boy i sense a car accident and friends in the car with them…

we filmed it just in case it was someone with a message..
april 7 2013.. i do another exhaustive 2 hour google search and find a picture
with same description and age. I ask Harry is this the ghost you saw? Yep.
His name is Ryan Dube, he’s 18 and he died along the niagara river, gorge in the falls.
he was sitting on the bench beside me.. he hangs out there a lot. he says he’s shy.
his ghost followed us home (not filmed) and he kept moving our radio antenna back and forth. he was here for a day or so then he left. I told him to follow the light to cross to the other side. I also told him he can use his energy to flicker lights on and off, along with stereos and Tv’s.. hes a fast learner…(radio antennae to show us he understood the message). I told him i’ll look for your family and give them the message for you.
the biggest surprise.. his sister.. not sure if it’s a step sister?
the article says son of john paul dube and tara ross (nancy monych) he misses parents and nancy and his brother and friends…

pronounce ro che.. sounds like du be.

when a ghost appears, the temperature drops around 10° around you…

i might be related to tara ross?.. i have relatives same last name in st thomas ontario…


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