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Flight Missing MH370 Tracker Code viewport Mobile Firefox (Fennec) 1.1 programs used on Cell Phone to Hijack Airplane

March 15, 2014

view-source data airplanes MH-370 (1)


view-source data airplanes MH-370 (1)


the idea girl says

psyshic clues into words found embedded in the data source code from flight tracker of missing airline MH370


keyword from code:



The upcoming release of Mobile Firefox (Fennec) 1.1 features improved support for the <meta name="viewport"> tag. Previous versions of Fennec supported the widthheight, and initial-scale viewport properties, but had problems with some sites designed for iPhone and Android browsers. We now support the same properties Mobile Safari does, and we also changed Fennec to render mobile sites more consistently on screens of different sizes and resolutions. before:


Support for the viewport meta tag in Opera’s mobile products has been around for quite some time, and from Opera Mobile 11 onward, we have made our viewport implementation more robust, added support for new mechanisms to deal with different screen densities, and included an implementation of our own CSS @viewport rule proposal. In addition, Opera Mini 6 and later now also comes with basic support for the viewport meta tag.



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