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Hackers Flights MH370 MH17 QZ8501 Malaysia AirAsia – Using Social Networks to Warn Travellers.

January 2, 2015

the idea girl says

Flight QZ8501 Warning went out Dec 15 2014  – tracing hackers that post on:

WEIBO – Chinese

Reddit Forum

and Baidu (Facebook – Chinese) – End of the World Community

on Epochtimes – New York based Media – Falun Gong Movement.

**just found out there is another one** I am not sure if this will include all 39 posts that were tracked down by other bloggers.


In my rough translation from a Chinese-language page of the, it is claimed that as early as December 15th, someone using the moniker, “The Landlord” made 39 posts on Baidu (a Chinese version of Facebook) to the “End of the World Community”, predicting that something bad would happen with an AirAsia aircraft. is a New York-based media organization associated with the Falun Gong movement.



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