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WOW! Alien RAdio Signal SETI NASA 1977 gives instructions on how to build “alien technology” UFO Engine

April 22, 2015



the idea girl says

I started video blogging my alien research data videos on the idea girl says youtube channel back in 2011, now in 2015, I’m sketching the keywords formula’s found in the binary code that show us how to make a UFO engine from ancient astronauts that left earth over 3000 and 10000 years ago due to fatalities on earth.

Mapping out their planet, I discovered it’s where were searching for habitable planets and they live on one – Kepler22b.

the UFO engine designs are a signal to us to build and go visit them in deep space using traversable wormholes to travel from one galaxy into another. it’s all in the formula’s on HOW to do each thing, how to make each component of this special type of “alien technology” not yet discovered publicly (announced) on Earth.

Here’ s a list of the Diagrams and sketches based on the formula’s found in the binary coded math equations I decoded.  They linked me to science experiments from all over the world, components of a UFO style space ship… much like the one Area 51 found in 1947 in a Roswell Mexico Crash (one they’ve tried to create themselves and haven’t been able to do so until now.)

A four year project for me! Now I’m seeing it coming true.. cool.. pass this message on to anyone that works for NASA or other space agencies from around the world.  It’s a large project and will need many countries to participate in building it for it will cost billions of dollars to make it…


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