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Rosemarie Junor – Medcan , Mark Ernsting Ryerson University Stabbed, Dead – Cancer Research – Princess Margaret Marathon Connection. #psychic #investigation Dec 2015

December 18, 2015

I had a niggling thought that because the three people are all well educated with university degrees, and the news and police are saying there is no connection that they can see.

I however did find out a small connection. Not sure if it means anything but something (inner voice) told me to blog what I see. so I am…

here it is..

the possible connections between the two cases.

Mark Ernsting stabbed (death) Tuesday Dec 15 2015 at 38 McGill St., east of Yonge Street 930 pm CBC news reported

About an hour after the attack, police arrested Calvin Michael Nimoh, 21, near Yonge Street and Summerhill Avenue.

Rosemarie Junor stabbed Friday Dec 11, 2015 at Shoppers Drug Mart – Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto.

Bisesar allegedly stabbed a woman inside a downtown Shoppers Drug Mart on Friday shortly before 3 p.m., police say.

(Rosemarie (kim) Junor died in hospital – Wed Dec 16 2015 evening )

8 minutes away from each other
8 min (1.8 km)

via Gerrard St E and Bay St
6 min without traffic

as per google maps

38 McGill St
Toronto, ON M5B 1H2

Head west on McGill St toward Sheard St
140 m

Turn left onto Yonge St
1.0 km

Turn right onto Richmond St W
200 m

Turn left onto Bay St
Destination will be on the left
100 m
Shoppers Drug Mart
333 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5H 2R2,+Toronto,+ON/36+McGill+Street,+Toronto,+ON/@43.6551692,-79.3833899,16z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x89d4cb32f83b637b:0x493de9ed0513cea!2m2!1d-79.3781627!2d43.650335!1m5!1m1!1s0x882b34b53000c4f9:0x820c9556c0a48ed5!2m2!1d-79.3810409!2d43.6603087!5i2

the woman accused hangs out at starbucks (close to adelaide and bay street as per google maps)

Address: 1 Adelaide St E #100, Toronto, ON M5C 2V9
Phone:(416) 955-1638

Starbucks is 8 mins or 16 min walk from 36 Mc Gill St as per google maps.

(deaths, and location of killers in same vicinity)

via Church St
6 min without traffic
8 min
11:52 AM–12:00 PM
16 min
1.2 km
via Yonge St


Rosemarie (Kim) Junor, who died after being stabbed at a downtown Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart, had gotten married in the summer and could effortlessly pick up the steps for the intricate Bollywood dances she loved.


Cancer researcher stabbed to death during evening walk
Mark Ernsting, 39, worked for Ryerson University and Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
CBC News Posted: Dec 15, 2015 10:17 PM ET

Mark Ernsting, 39, died after he was attacked near 38 McGill St., just east of Yonge Street and close to Ryerson University, around 9:30 p.m. ET.

Police say he was stabbed multiple times, including at least once in the head.

“There was no previous relationship between the accused and the deceased,” Det. Paul Worden told CBC News. “The deceased was just out for his normal evening walk and happened to come across the accused and he was attacked.”

CBC News has confirmed that Ernsting worked for the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

He was also an adjunct professor at Ryerson University where he worked with graduate students in the electrical and computer engineering department.

About an hour after the attack, police arrested Calvin Michael Nimoh, 21, near Yonge Street and Summerhill Avenue. He is charged with second-degree murder and appeared in court on Wednesday.

Mark Ernsting, a biomedical engineer, was a brilliant researcher at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research whose work held incredible promise, said Elaine Wilson, his friend of 20 years.
“The cure for cancer could have died yesterday,” she said Wednesday afternoon.
Ernsting, 39, was out for his routine nightly walk when he was attacked about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday on McGill Street, just east of Yonge. Police arrested Calvin Michael Nimoh, 21, about an hour later at Yonge and Summerhill.

Ernsting’s husband, Rob Iseman, and the many others he left behind don’t know if the attack was random or a robbery gone bad. But, they want to know why he was killed, Wilson said.

Medcan Clinic at York and Adelaide streets

Medcan is tied to Princess Margaret Marathon (for cancer)

Mark Ernsting Ryerson University

run or walk – princess margaret cancer centre

University Health Network,


Medical Oncology
The Medical Oncology and Hematology Department is a multidisciplinary, inter-professional team that
constitutes this country’s largest centre treating leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. In solid tumours,
we focus on treatment of complex cancer cases requiring multidisciplinary input that is provided by our team
of 50 medical and hematological oncologists and more than 150 practitioners, nurses, trainees and allied health
professionals. More than 50 international fellows from five continents are currently undergoing clinical research
training at the Princess Margaret

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Strategy 2013-2018: World
Class Personalized Cancer Medicine summarizes our goals across
five key strategic themes with a vision of Global Impact as a Top 5
Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the World.

It’s interesting they say there is NO connection between the deaths.

yet there is a possible one?

Rosemarie Junor – Medcan , Mark Ernsting Ryerson University

two victims stabbed have a connection with cancer research…

Medcan (Rosemarie) and Ryerson both participate in the Marathon..

and it’s possible they share data for their research? just wondering.. that’s all.

look at them both closely.. did you ever see these people at STARBUCKS?? if so let police know…

Calvin Michael Nimoh, 21, near Yonge Street and Summerhill Avenue

Rohinie Bisesar arrested in random Shoppers Drug Mart stabbing

check any photos, videos you took in this area if a visitor, you might have captured them on camera!


Homicide #54/2015,
66 Wellington Street West,
Rosemarie Junor, 28

Broadcast time: 13:12
Thursday, December 17, 2015

52 Division

Case #: 2015-2123328

On Friday, December 11, 2015, at 2:55 p.m., police received a call for a stabbing at 66 Wellington Street West, at the Shoppers Drug Mart in the PATH system.

It is reported that:

– the female suspect attended this location armed with a knife, and approached the victim inside the store

– the female suspect stabbed the victim without provocation, resulting in life-threatening injuries

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, at 8:30 p.m., the victim succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced.

She has now been identified as Rosemarie Junor, 28, of Toronto. The Homicide Squad has taken over the investigation.

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, charges against Rohinie Bisesar, 40, were upgraded to Second Degree Murder.

sorry got the correct address now, still close enough to one another

66 Wellington St W
Toronto, ON M5K 1B1

Head west on Wellington St W toward York St
260 m

Turn right onto University Ave
1.3 km

Turn right onto Gerrard St W
900 m

Turn left onto Church St
160 m

Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto Granby St
250 m

Granby St turns left and becomes Sheard St
63 m

Sheard St turns left and becomes McGill St
Destination will be on the left
74 m
36 McGill St
Toronto, ON M5B 1H2,+Toronto,+ON/36+McGill+Street,+Toronto,+ON/@43.6541495,-79.3913903,15z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x882b34d2d1c239f1:0x80b120400ce6faf3!2m2!1d-79.3811225!2d43.6473609!1m5!1m1!1s0x882b34b53000c4f9:0x820c9556c0a48ed5!2m2!1d-79.3810409!2d43.6603087!3e0

starbucks at 1 adelaide st to 66 wellington st w

8 min
600 m
via Wellington St W and Yonge St
8 min
600 m
via Bay St and Adelaide St W
8 min
600 m
via King St W

quote Bisesar hung out at Starbucks – Younge and Adelaide Streets

emails to friend – Karl Gutowski

Gutowski said, Bisesar’s mental health had deteriorated. She was hospitalized in 2014. She was alienated from her family and she appeared to be increasingly paranoid.

Bisesar was well known in several coffee shops in the area. And until about a month ago, she was a regular at a Starbucks on Yonge and Adelaide streets, according to the manager, Ryan Baron.

Baron said Bisesar sat for months most days at a window bench near the bathroom. He didn’t find anything unusual about her. She was quiet, polite. But about a month ago, she just stopped showing up.

As for Gutowski, he continued to stay in touch with Bisesar even as she alienated many others in her life. She had supported his career and encouraged him to succeed, and he wanted to help her get over her illness. They’ve exchanged more than 1,100 emails over the past five years.

email to national post
The email opens with a plea:

“Do you know any top professionals in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, satellites?” it said. “Maybe Military. Maybe Government?

“Something has been happening to me and this is not my normal self and I would like to know who and why this is happening. There is either a single person or more responsible and who and why would be nice to know.”

Toronto police hunt for ‘dangerous’ woman after stranger stabbed ‘without provocation’ in financial district
It then goes on to address the stabbing.

“I am sorry about the incidence,” the email said. “I felt the need to be extreme to see if it would work. I would normally not do such a thing.”

Gutowski said Bisesar’s successful friends helped her through years of unemployment, letting her sleep on their couches or lending her money.


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