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Roswell UFO 1947

ufo crashed 2 july 1947 2nd crash site 75 miles nw roswell mexico RAAF flying disk photo

Rosewell 4 alien symbols on ufo 1947

Roswell 1 crashed ufo parts 1947

Roswell UFO 1947 news paper stories accounts of sightings and photos from google searching.. posting here for you to take a look at as well as the alien interview clips from Nurse Mac Elroy’s interview with AIRL a grey alien that survived the 1947 Roswell Mexico UFO crash and went to Area 51 for questioning.

president truman signed opertion majectic 12 1947 letter secret committe roswell mexico ufo crash


interior of hangar p 3 building 84 at roswell army airfield image dave ruffino aliens of lamat story the idea girl says yt

roswell army field image dave ruffino -hangar-p3-building-84 walter haut metallic pod shaped ufo debris july 8 1947 paul mcferrin jobie macpherson

Roswell-UFO-Convoy 18 wheeler low boy flatbed tractor trailer us army jeeps july 8 1947 richard talbert roswell daily record paperboy main st (witness to roswell) silver color egg

Mac Brazel, discoverer of Roswell UFO wreckage

mj12group roswell ufo crash 1947 military group

The alleged Roswell Glyphs say Elephtheria or Freedom 1947 ufo crash mexico


mirror image transcribed glyphics i beam roswell ufo symbols 1947

general ramey empties roswell 1947 saucer news cllipping roswell daily record

Roswell-D4 strange I beam alien symbols on them ufo crash 1947 mexico

roswell alien body 1947 ufo crash photo

roswell alien dead 1947 ufo crash


major jesse marcel sr

mac brazel 1947 ufo roswell mexico crash

Dr.-john edward Reid-Polygraph in 1945 lie detector used on nuse

Roswell-Crash-Report daily record news paper 1947 RAAF captures flying saucer on ranch in roswell region

AIRL Grey alien three fingers 4 ft 4 tall big head eyes no mouth telepathic AREA 51 Roswell Mexico UFO Crash Survivor LEADER lives on Earth 2012

airl_grey alien captured 1947 Roswell mexico UFO Crash testimony Nurse Matilda Mc Elroy 2007 sinking Atlantis Lemuria Mt Thera by Italy Greece Turkey Mediterranean Sea

Alien_Interview with AIRL The Domain Grey Aliens USAAF Nurse Mrs Matilda O’Donnell Mac Elroy Scotland

alien-interview AIRL AREA 51 UFO 1947 Roswell Mexico WOW! Alien Radio Signal 1977 KACKMO AKANA 2012 ZAKA Return to earth

UFO Alien INterview AIRL Area 51 UFO 1947 roswell mexico crash survivor ISBE

General Nathan Twining Head of US air force materiel command memo sept 23 1947 the phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or ficticious area 51 1947 ufo roswell mx

General Nathan Twining Head of US air force materiel command memo sept 23 1947



i am video blogging my research on <a href=”; target=”_blank”>the idea girl says youtube channel</a> and blogging the videos along with research links, photos, graphs and cross referencing keywords on <a href=”; target=”_blank”>alien space science news wordpress blog</a>.



also during my crystal quartz meditations I’ve gotten alien messages from AIRL (1947 UFO Roswell Mexico crash)

she identified herself to me in 2012 and proved to me that she exists on satellite radar she made a several pictures to prove she’s still around..



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