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Venus Transits Sun 2012

Venus First Contact With Sun 5 June 2012 616 pm edt SDO NASA Live with the idea girl

NASA EDGE online web telecast i took some photos of the show while it played and posted the memorable moments on here along with data from solar winds earthquakes tsunami warnings seismic activity tectonic plate movements earth north south poles axial tilts ecliptic celestial equators and predictions for severe storm cells, weather, hail, heavy rains, flooding areas, tornadoes and other disasters international news casts along with the photos.

i decided to do a page about it here. I’m also going to make a page with the NASA edge scientist team along with numbers so we can figure out who is who and I can blog updates about their work on here.

I’ve changed the material on my blog from missing person’s ghost and paranormal stuff. I’ll still blog it but since were having solar maximum from 2012 to 2014 and most of the worlds warning systems don’t work fast enough, I decided to use my personal gifts to predict storms ahead of time and give people some sort of warning system. i figure they can pass the info along on twitter and facebook, and let people know about possible storms in their areas. Most come true… some don’t but usually they show up within a few days, a few weeks, up to about 2 months for predictions to come true…

here’s the photos, enjoy!

the idea girl says 🙂

Venus Transit Live NASA SDO Photo first contact with Sun from Mauna Kea Volcano Mtn Hawaii 5 June 2012 6 16 pm edt

asteroid belt created by Hangenberg ELE Event 359 mya Devonian Period solar system NASA SDO

Johannes Kepler Venus Transit Sun 5 June 2012 724 pm edt NASA SDO EDGE

Milky Way 724 pm edt sun 5 june 2012 NASA SDO

update 832 am edt 8 june 2012

Venus approaches Sun solar flares spots increase solar winds 2012 0605 07 12 am


soho lasco c3 sun venus 2012 06 05 07 18 am

sun solar flares sun spots goes 15 sxi NOAA SWPC 2012 06 05 11 32 00 UTC PTHNA

watch venus transit 2012 live with Sun Lunar moon 5 june 2012 NASA


Mauna Kea Hawaii Volcano – NASA live coverage of Venus Transit with Sun 5 june 2012 DA Swanson feb 15 1971

mauna kea observatories in hawaii

The Submillimeter Array (SMA) is an 8-element radio interferometer located atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii.


Al-Eisele-P1030129_1338948582_lg transit of venus 5 june 2012 18 24 27 panasonic DMC ZS10

Elias-Chasiotis-IMG_6120_1338872061_lg full strawberry moon over ancient greek temple poseidon sounio greece 5june 2012

Todd-Bush-DSC_7174_1338952598_lg venus transits sun 5 june 2012 swinging bridge park grandfather mountain nikon D5000 celesron c-90

Val-Germann-1a1-LawsTransit-Line-01_1338952437_lg venus transits sun laws observatory u of Missouri canon 5 d MKII tamron 300mm f 2.8 lens 1.4 X teleconverter public astronomers

Phil-Whitebloom-Venus-Transit-with-Airplane-6-5-2012_1338953096_lg Sbig STi monochrome camera 13%orion moon filter 5 june 2012 22 05 34

sea peoples bird in hieroglyphs appears in venus transit with sun 5 june 2012 first symbol

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